Browse Month: April 2020


Writing Your Own (Audio)book

A couple of interesting items I’ve run across.

The first one I mentioned earlier, that increasing breadth of content, much of it consumer-generated (self-published books for example), is all finding someone out there who wants it and is willing to pay – Chris Anderson’s “Long Tail”.

The second is a post by Seth Godin about how you shouldn’t waste energy on a business/product that needs to be a hit to be successful. Because stardom in an age of increasing competition is harder to achieve.

Well, it was always hard to achieve. That’s why movie stars and cleanup hitters make $20 million a year. And why rock stars have women throwing themselves (and sometimes just their undergarments) at them.

Hits, and being a prospective winner, are what drive much of the content creation out there. If there wasn’t a bestseller list and the prospect of a million-dollar advance from Random House… someday…. then would all this great long-tail content be getting generated? Or do people just create because they feel the need to create?

I think we need both the hits (to drive creation) and the long tail (to drive rewards for creation). It’s great. I predict that superstar salaries will start to go down as people with bank accounts realize celebrity just isn’t what it used to be.

And talented people everywhere will get a little more celebrity. That has to be better for everybody. I’m getting sick of Tom Cruise anyway.