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scared man

Scared to Get in the Car

I was afraid to get in my car this morning.

Yesterday I was on the way to work, listening to Stephen King’s audiobook Dreamcatcher, and as I took the exit for my office, I was actively grimacing, wanting to turn the damn thing off and listen to music instead… but felt strangely compelled to continue listening.

I mean, I’m seriously sweating here. I even made a tentative stab at the off switch a couple of times, but couldn’t do it.

I’m not even a Stephen King fan. Which might be part of the problem, since I don’t know for sure if this is all going to work out.

Dreamcatcher is about aliens landing and earthlings taking a less than hospitable attitude.

The movie, which I didn’t see, is supposed to horrible. All I can say is that if the movie was half as upsetting as the audiobook, then I would have called it horrible too. Why the heck do people subject themselves to this?

Most of the book is fairly run of the mill, and takes a bit too long to develop; although I hear that that’s what King books are like in general. Perhaps he does it on purpose to accentuate the horror when the horror begins.

Most of the book has references to death, sporadic dismemberment, nightmares, and the occasional cheating on a test. But this part is bad. Things with too many teeth, and bathrooms with too much blood…

Earlier today I snuck out to my car and plugged in the FM transmitter for my mp3 player. I’m hoping that that will make it easier to listen to music instead of the audiobook.

The problem is that I left the CD player on when I slammed the door and rushed from my car this morning. So when I turn on the car, I have to listen to the audiobook. For at least five seconds.

Maybe I’ll just walk home. It’s only 20 miles.

favorite book

What is a ‘Favorite’ Book?

People sometimes ask me about my favorite books.

For me, the test is whether I’ve read the book more than once and/or recommended it many times.

Aren’t your favorite movies ones you’ve seen many times? Like the original Star Wars series, or Sound of Music?

My favorite book then would have to be Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.

It’s a book that non-sci-fi lovers love, despite its the scenario of an alien invasion. So I like recommending it because it introduces them to something really new.

I’m not normally a fan of love stories, but I recently listened to The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and darned if what I thought was science fiction didn’t turn out to be a wonderful genre-spanning love story. But….

I can’t say it’s of my all-time favorites, because another criterion for that distinction has to be the test of time.

My 10-year-old daughter just read Ender’s Game and loved it (it’s also trans-generational).

She’s also read each of the Harry Potter books a couple of times.

I wonder if Harry will stand the test of time? You can’t recommend the darn book, just because everyone’s already read it.

Da Vinci Code is another that I think is a great book, but is more of a cultural fad than one that people will recall decades later and reminisce about their first time.

Speaking of which, you should check out the movie Bambi… My daughter has watched is several (more than 30) times and highly recommends it.

Believe it or not, it’s also a book.

Unfortunately for me, it’s not sci-fi, though I’ve always wondered how all those animals learned to talk.