Glad I’m Not the Only One (Underutilizing Podcasts)

Fresh research shows that most people who click on podcast links, including presumably our own audiobook podcasts, don’t actually listen to the darn things.

Certainly, they don’t listen to podcasts on their portable players. Maybe people click on podcast links because they think they’re supposed to?

They are, after all, very cool. I love saying it. Podcast. Podcast. Podcast podcast podcast.

I’m happy to admit that I don’t listen to podcasts. I have an iPod, I know what a podcast is, and I know where to get them.

I did download a video podcast a while ago of Ask a Ninja, which I thought was hilarious, but then I never downloaded another one.

Not least of why because I don’t trust my iTunes software to manage my music library, so I turned off the whole update automatically thing. I haven’t noticed my life deteriorating, not even relative to my podcast-saying-but-not-doing friends.

I’m just glad I’m not the only one clicking on podcast links because I think they’re cool. Wait, here comes a co-staffer, I have to find some podcast links and click on them.


  • Petty

    March 10, 2020

    You don’t even listen to our podcasts? Jeez… way to take the wind out of a certain copywriter’s sails.

    You should check out the Audiopolis ones; they include clips of the book, which is great if you aren’t sure about the narrator and production values.

  • Roy

    March 10, 2020

    I am addicted to podcasts…it’s the one thing that cuts into audiobook listening time. I first fell for them when I found that you can almost always find one or more podcasts about some niche interest that will never be served by the mainstream media. For example, I’m interested in German board games (NOT the same as traditional American board games like Monopoly…), and I found the BoardGameGeek podcast that features multi-hour interviews with big names in the field. This is stuff you just aren’t going to get elsewhere. And now there are a whole host of podcasts just on the topic of this sort of gaming.

    Ditto for a Firefly-related podcast, and the popular Dragon Page podcasts that feature interviews with science fiction authors, and now the audiobook reviews (already added a book to my list based on an Audiopolis review), and several work-relevant podcasts.

    So, basically, you are missing out!


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